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My name is Amanda. I'm just your average country music-loving girl, living the suburban life with my husband two sweet babies. I was raised a farm girl in Iowa and moved the cities with the love of my life to pursue our dreams. While chasing our dreams, and surviving the ups and downs of business ownership and parenthood we stumbled upon a brand new, naturally based beauty brand that completely rocked our world. This business has allowed me to encourage the everyday girl to reach for the stars and gain confidence through business ownership, and luxury beauty products.  Because of this incredible opportunity, I am able to share my love of fashion through an online clothing boutique and all things beauty with all of you! It's so nice to meet you, sit down and stay awhile! 

 hello, beauties



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We are on a mission to transform women’s lives by making them feel good about themselves, through their outward appearance by offering beautiful affordable fashion to every woman we can! Feeling beautiful is something that should be a daily occurrence.

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